Cauliflower Matzo Ball Soup-er Food

We wanted to find a way to lighten up the recipe, while increasing the potential health benefits of this cozy, satisfying classic. Incorporating cauliflower into the matzo blend lends a certain moist lightness to the matzo balls.

Carrots and Prostate Cancer

According to the National Institutes of Health, there seems to be a relationship between carrot consumption and a decreased risk of certain types of cancer. We thought it was time to take a closer look at the link between carrots and prostate cancer.

6 Food Safety Reminders to Keep in Mind This Easter

If your Easter celebration includes a loved one undergoing cancer treatment, it’s important to double down on food safety with the following six tips.

Cancer Community

Who We Are

Welcome to Hopeful, an online space where anyone touched by cancer can connect and learn to thrive. This is a place where patients, caregivers, friends – anyone – can come and find others on the same journey. Your words and experiences, your grief and your triumphs, all form the fabric of this community. And so does hope. We are called Hopeful because no matter how you enter this space we are building together – whether it is for advice, health tips or simply to connect – we want you to emerge hopeful.