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Blueberry Scone Recipe
hopeful 12.14.2017
Oil-free Blueberry Streusel Scones

If you have a restricted diet, these blueberry streusel scones are the perfect treat. While they are vegan and free of oil, sugar and gluten, they are still full of flavor.

Ease the Holiday Stress Holiday
Abe Rosenberg 12.12.2017
Cancer: Handling the Holiday Stress

The shopping. The decorating. The cooking. The family gatherings. Some people thrive on all the activities associated with the holidays, while others feel overwhelmed. Now imagine coping with all that holiday stress when your mind, body and spirit are already maxed out by your battle with cancer.

Managing the Pain Pain Management
hopeful 12.11.2017
Cancer: 5 Tips to Manage Pain

For many people facing cancer, loss of life isn't their greatest fear. Pain is. But pain need not be accepted as inevitable. The science of pain management has made enormous strides.

Easing Anxiety in the Hospital Lifestyle
hopeful 12.07.2017
Easing Anxiety in the Hospital

Whether you spend a few hours, a few days or several months in the hospital, it's perfectly normal for a little anxiety to creep into your head. Take a look at these tips from someone who's gone through it.

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