Fighting Fatigue: Get Active and Get Moving

No matter how hard you are hit by fatigue, however, doctors seem to agree on one thing: Fatigue can be managed, controlled and possibly even prevented by engaging in regular amounts of light-to-moderate exercise.

Cleaning Products and Cancer

Your go-to cleaning products could be filling your home with toxic air pollutants. Learn what to avoid, and where to find safer products.

Sleep Problems During Cancer Treatment: How to Beat Insomnia

It seems like the cruelest joke to be exhausted and unable to sleep. Sleep problems are very common during treatment. Getting the deep sleep you need when you have cancer can be challenging for multiple reasons. Find out how you can finally get some rest.

Cancer Community

Who We Are

Welcome to Hopeful, an online space where anyone touched by cancer can connect and learn to thrive. This is a place where patients, caregivers, friends – anyone – can come and find others on the same journey. Your words and experiences, your grief and your triumphs, all form the fabric of this community. And so does hope. We are called Hopeful because no matter how you enter this space we are building together – whether it is for advice, health tips or simply to connect – we want you to emerge hopeful.