Dear Hope: Alive with the Meaning of Storytelling

The notion of cancer is not unusual. We’ve all heard the stories of the battles, the survivors, and the ones who died from cancer or its complications. Once we receive our diagnosis, however, cancer becomes unique.

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Dear Hope: Alive with the Meaning of Transcendence

After a cancer diagnosis, we must decide on a trajectory: Choose quality of life, endure treatments or wait for disease progression. There’s a strange side effect that can occur once we take action, which is a sharpening of focus.

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Alive with the Meaning of Purpose

For some of us, a cancer diagnosis completely derails our lives. Cancer brings confusion — not just the chemo-brain kind — to our priorities. We thought we knew where we were headed. We had a sense of how we fit into our family, our work, our community, our world.

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Alive with the Meaning of Belonging

With every year, our cancer community grows. Worldwide, more people are diagnosed and more survive than ever before. Whether we choose quality of life over quantity or endure treatments or wait and watch for when to start interventions, we ask questions.

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Dear Hope: Cancer Trick and Treatments

Dear Hope: How did you deal with hair loss... Cancer treatments can make relating with others tricky. We often lose our hair, which signals to the world that we have cancer. Unless bald was already your look

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Dear Hope - Ditching Your ID

Those of us who have worn ID bracelets during hospital stays, procedures, outpatient visits know they can feel tight and get in the way when washing hands or applying lotion.

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