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What to Know About Dense Breasts and Screening Indications
10.18.2017 hopeful

Learning that you have dense breasts is not a cause for anxiety, it is a call to action.

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Understanding Preventative Mastectomies
10.18.2017 hopeful

It’s a decision that many women face, especially as doctors are increasingly able to determine a woman’s risk by identifying gene mutations that predispose them to breast cancer.

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What You Should Know About Inherited Breast Cancer
10.18.2017 Abe Rosenberg

When Ming* was first diagnosed with breast cancer on her right side, she knew she'd need surgery. But at her doctor's urging she also took an additional step, scheduling a session with a genetic counselor.

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Breast Cancer Infographic
10.17.2017 hopeful

Know the risk, symptoms, the facts and get health tips associated with breast cancer

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Holiday Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts
10.10.2017 hopeful

As friends and family gather to celebrate, it’s important to be mindful of food safety practices when cooking your feast.

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The Fight of Mom’s life

As a woman, there are so many life-defining moments with your mother that you’ll never forget. Unfortunately, there are also moments that you wish you could forget, like sitting in the doctor’s office with my mom and hearing her physician say, “you have breast cancer.”

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