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How a Cancer Diagnosis Affects Your Family
5.25.2018 hopeful

The feelings associated with a life-threatening diagnosis and subsequent treatment can have a profound and overwhelming effect on every single person in your life.

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11 Tips for Managing Stress During Cancer Treatment
5.23.2018 hopeful

While common, everyday stress is normal for everyone, the anxiety, depression and stress associated with a cancer diagnosis can be particularly challenging. Here are 11 strategies for managing these emotions.

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10 Tips to Help you Sleep
5.21.2018 hopeful

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep is common among cancer survivors. Suffering from insomnia? These expert tips will help you sleep.

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Crush Those Chemo Side Effects
5.18.2018 hopeful

So many chemo patients experience some side effects, and you should talk to your doctor about them. However, your best weapon in this fight may actually be your state of mind. Survivors recommend these 6 strategies.

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Sour Cream Blueberry Pie
5.15.2018 hopeful

Blueberries have long been renowned for their antioxidant properties, and researchers are beginning to praise the berries for their cancer-fighting properties, as well.

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Cancer Prevention Nutrition
5.14.2018 hopeful

Many people feel like there is nothing they can do to reduce their cancer risk, but in reality, there are easy, practical steps people can take each day.

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