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6 Tips for Cancer Patients Experiencing Survivor's Guilt

Here are techniques that can help you cope with these feelings, and prevent them from overwhelming your day-to-day function.

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How can spirituality help me during cancer treatment?
7.10.2019 hopeful

Spirituality can help people cope with the fears and unknowns of cancer. Whether you are deeply religious, just starting to explore your spiritual side or somewhere in between, these steps can help you nurture your spirit within.

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How to Cope When Your Child Is Diagnosed With Cancer

During the first few weeks, parents of cancer patients have an entirely new world to navigate and a lot to manage, and may feel overwhelmed or ill-equipped to deal with what’s to come. Here are our tips and suggestions for helping parents cope, as well as some followup resources for further study.

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Emotional Changes after Diagnosis

Here are seven sometimes unexpected emotions that catch many patients off-guard after a cancer diagnosis, and the steps you can take to manage and combat them.

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Exercise Tips for Cancer Patients Before, During and After Treatment
7.03.2019 hopeful

Recent research suggests that too much rest or inactivity can lead to further problems, including muscle deterioration, a reduced range of motion, and a diminished sense of emotional well-being, self esteem and health. Exercise is possible during cancer treatment, and can even help to improve your quality of life.

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Apps Every Cancer Patient Needs
6.26.2019 hopeful

New developments in technology give cancer patients and their caregivers easy ways to stay organized and decrease stress while living with cancer. These apps can help ease some of the common side effects of cancer treatment, and help keep you organized and healthy.

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