How Cancer Treatment Changes Sex
2.11.2019 hopeful

Cancer impacts your sexual health both physically and emotionally. Learn how to overcome the most common challenges.

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day: 6 Tips for Caregivers

The arrival of Valentine’s Day can bring with it a range of unexpected emotions, which can range from gratitude and compassion to feelings of guilt or even resentment. Many couples going through cancer find it challenging.

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World Cancer Day: 5 Resolutions
2.04.2019 hopeful

For world cancer day, we’re suggesting five resolutions that are attainable by almost anyone, to help achieve one of the most important goals of all: the prevention and early detection of cancer.

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The Costs of Cancer: How to Lessen the Financial Impact
1.15.2019 hopeful

There are costs associated with fighting cancer: treatment, time off from work, help with household chores and more. Learn how to plan for the financial impact and get assistance.

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5 Tips for Handling Caregiver Criticism
1.15.2019 hopeful

Many caregivers report feelings of being criticized by the people they love most, even while they may feel like they are devoted wholly to their caregiving duties. Criticism may be particularly hard to accept, when you are already feeling stress and anxiety.

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7 New Year’s Resolutions for Cancer Caregivers

The dawn of a new year presents a perfect opportunity to reflect and take a personal inventory, to evaluate our own needs for the coming year in a guilt-free way that’s healthy and ensures our success as caregivers.

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