How to be Helpful when a Friend Has Cancer
4.13.2018 Bekah Wright

A cancer diagnosis is far-reaching, impacting the new patient, as well as friends and family. Knowing the right things to say, or how to offer support, isn’t easy. Nor is it always easy to ask for help. Here are three pointers to bridge these gaps.

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When Your Partner Gets Sick: Relationships and Cancer
3.26.2018 Maxine Nunes

Cancer is one of toughest challenges a couple must face — for both people involved. You partner may be ill, but these suggestions can help your relationship stay healthy.

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Palliative Care Misconceptions
3.01.2018 hopeful

Palliative Care: it’s not what you think – and it might be just what you need. Palliative care can help patients at any stage of cancer treatment, regardless of their diagnosis or prognosis.

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"Healthy" Grief
1.02.2018 Abe Rosenberg

Grief takes many forms. It runs the full spectrum of emotions, sadness, anger, apathy, guilt, sleeplessness, loneliness, loss of appetite and more. Some of us need more help than others going through the process.

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Caregiving During the Holidays: 5 Ways to Minimize Stress
11.06.2017 hopeful

Caregiving for a cancer patient can be a challenging job for family, friends or partners, particularly during the busy holiday season.

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The Fight of Mom’s life

As a woman, there are so many life-defining moments with your mother that you’ll never forget. Unfortunately, there are also moments that you wish you could forget, like sitting in the doctor’s office with my mom and hearing her physician say, “you have breast cancer.”

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