hopeful August 21, 2017 10:49 PM
Just Because You Beat Cancer Doesn't Mean the Battle is Over.

Story : Two years ago I was diagnosed with Her2 negative breast cancer. The diagnosis was followed by six rounds of chemo, and an additional 11 rounds of herceptin, double mastectomy, expanders, implants. During the time My husband and I lost everything. Totally in debt, had to leave California and moved to Nevada. We were buying a condo, had great credit, new car, and was recently promoted at work. We lost everything. Now that my battle is mostly over, I have the opportunity to get my old job back. The problem is the cost of moving especially to California is extremely high. We need to come up with a minimum of $5,000. No one tells you that after the treatment is over, the battle still rages on. We have a long recovery road ahead and need help.

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