hopeful August 24, 2017 4:58 PM
My journey begins... just diagnosed with uterine cancer

I'm 55,just diagnosed with uterine cancer. Surgery is scheduled for the 31st. Laproscopic hysterectomy. They will be removing uteris,cervix,tubes,ovaries and lymph nodes. So far, all I know is it's grade 1...will know stage after surgery. Meeting with anesthesiologist tomorrow. Have clearance from cardiologist, but concerns about my weight and blood pressure. May have hard time healing if they find they need to do more extensive abdominal surgery. I'm 5'3 and 270 lbs. Have early stages of congestive heart failure and am pre-diabetic. Due to a fall at work last year, I use a cane...lower back and knee injury plus osteoarthritis make me a little unstable on my feet. Have battled workers comp for a year,but with current health issues that takes a back seat. I've fought to keep my job even tho they tell me almost daily that I'm a liability. I stepped down from assistant supervisor,took a pay cut and they cut me to part time two months ago. I have been approved for FMLA, so am hoping to still have an income again once I'm recovered, at least long enough to search for a better job. Trying to stay hopeful... Looking forward to hearing from survivors and tips on recovery and positive lifestyle changes. (Any info on resources such as temp. disability or other help/ resources appreciated.)

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