rose4u May 16, 2019 7:52 AM
My husband has gotten mean

I dont know if everyone does this or not and if please give me tips to help ke get through it my husband has stage 4 lung cancer and it has spread already we only found out he had it nov.2018 as time is going by he has got mean to people always wants to argue says mean things to people and stuff i always have to tell him to be nice and stop or even try to talk to him about it witch starts a fight also anywase i cant handle it he makes me cry because of it and i have dropped everything and turned my life over backwards to do everything for him i even take him to a diffrent state every 3 weeks for treatment cuz he gets better care and has a way better chance of living the longes reno kinda just wrote him off it was sad the way they did him so any advice i xan get would be amazing or even just people to talk to that maybe is going through the same or has gone through the same tia Ps sorry its so long hugs everyone

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