Take a Deep Breath: The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation
9.29.2017 hopeful

Want to feel calmer and more relaxed, experience less anxiety and depression, sleep better and feel a greater sense of overall well-being? You’re in luck. Meditation might help with all of those things.

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5 Tests Every Man under 55 Needs
9.07.2017 Dory Benford

Even when you feel perfectly fine, it’s vital to undergo certain exams that can detect cancer early and improve your chances for a cure. Here are 5 tests every man under 55 needs.

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Life After Breast Cancer
9.05.2017 Bob Young

For breast cancer patients, the goal of returning to “normal life” can be a powerful motivating force. But even long after the healing and recovery process is over, getting back to a regular routine can pose challenges that many women don’t anticipate.

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Uterine Cancer: How to Spot the Signs and Reduce Your Risk
8.30.2017 hopeful

The good news: When it’s caught early, treatments for uterine/endometrial cancer tend to be very successful. Learn how to reduce your risk and spot the warning signs.

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How Integrative Medicine Can Help You Heal
8.29.2017 hopeful

From massage to meditation, integrative medicine — which uses evidence-based, complementary practices in combination with conventional medicine — can help cancer survivors regain health post-treatment and build a lifestyle focused on wellness.

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Life after Cancer: How to Cope with Fatigue
8.22.2017 hopeful

During and after cancer treatment, many survivors feel fatigue. The most common side-effect of cancer treatment, fatigue often causes feelings of being tired, weak and lacking energy.

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