5 Tests Every Man under 55 Needs
6.15.2017 Dory Benford

Even when you feel perfectly fine, it’s vital to undergo certain exams that can detect cancer early and improve your chances for a cure. Here are 5 tests every man under 55 needs.

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Skin Mole Self Exams
6.09.2017 hopeful

To catch cancer at it's earliest, most treatable stage, conduct a head to toe skin self-examination once a month to check for suspicious moles.

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Liver Cancer 101
6.01.2017 hopeful

Your liver is kind of a big deal—and not just because it’s your body’s largest internal organ. Cancer of the liver is rare, but the numbers are rising.

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Prostate Health
5.29.2017 hopeful

About one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.

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7 Tips for Coping with the Dental Side Effects of Cancer Therapy
5.22.2017 hopeful

Cancer treatment often causes discomfort, but many patients don’t realize that it can also cause frustrating oral side effects.

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Exercise Helps People with Cancer Thrive
5.15.2017 hopeful

If you’re fighting cancer, hitting the gym might be low on your priority list. Yet exercise is just as important now as it ever was – maybe even more so.

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