Screening for Cancer During a Pandemic
7.08.2020 Wayne Lewis

As communities in the U.S. reopen in a patchwork fashion, you may be wondering what the best approach is for early detection of cancer. Asked about their recommendations for screening during the COVID-19 pandemic, two City of Hope physicians who treat common cancers echoed the ACS's recommendation, underlining that there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

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Facing Cancer Alone
6.25.2020 Dory Benford

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis while living alone presents certain challenges that other patients with live-in support systems don’t have to face.

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How do masks help protect us from COVID-19?
6.17.2020 Abe Rosenberg

Should we all be wearing face masks? Do they protect us? Is one kind better than another? It’s important to understand what masks can and cannot do, and which masks work better than others.

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Stress: The Hidden Cancer Risk
6.10.2020 Hopefiul

Can too much stress give you cancer? Living under stress may very likely change your body and behavior in ways that can leave you at higher risk for cancer.

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Protect Your Kids' Skin
6.10.2020 hopeful

You already know how important it is to guard against the harmful rays of the sun. But how sun-savvy are your children?

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Create Your Own Home Gym
6.04.2020 Dory Benford

Investing in a just a few inexpensive fitness products can ensure that working out at home is just as effective as going for a run outside or taking a class at the gym.

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