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by Dory Benford November 22, 2019

2019 Hopeful Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

If you’re ready to devise a Black Friday plan of attack, our 2019 Hopeful Holiday Gift Guide will make sure you’re well prepared to pick out the perfect gifts for the cancer patients in your life.
For patients undergoing chemotherapy
Chemo affects all patients differently, and side effects change from person to person. Here are several gift options that address the potential side effects of chemo.
Humankind Box was founded by a two-time cancer survivor and her best friend, who wanted to make fun and functional gift boxes, specifically created for cancer patients. They offer several boxes to choose from, including The Get Through Chemo Box and The Big Chemo Box, filled with everything from a stylish head scarf and cancer treatment cookbook to chemo countdown cards and a cute weekender tote. If you’re interested in grabbing one of these truly special boxes for the holidays, use promo code COHGIFT for 20% off!
A subscription to the meditation app Headspace is a thoughtful gift for someone going through a stressful experience like cancer. With Headspace, patients can learn to practice mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises anytime, anywhere.
If a patient’s chemo is causing nausea, these Gin-Gins ginger chews might provide some relief. 
Staying hydrated is important while undergoing cancer treatment, and Simple Modern's Summit Water Bottle will keep your beverages hot or cold while patients run around from appointment to appointment.
Many cancer patients have chemo ports implanted, and these Care+Wear Port Access Shirts are warm, cozy, colorful and provide easy clinical access to the port during treatment.
Port pillows are also nice gifts for patients with ports who spend a lot of time in the car. When wearing a seatbelt, the strap can sometimes hit a patient’s port, causing pain. This hand-crafted pillow protects from that discomfort.
For cancer patients undergoing radiation
Radiation therapy can lead to skin irritation and even burns in some cases, so if you’re undergoing radiation, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized before and after treatment. Here are pre and post treatment moisturizers, sure to soothe even the most irritated skin.
Try Thergy’s ARC Natural Cream before radiation treatment and CV Skinlabs Rescue & Relief Spray after.
For all cancer patients in treatment
No matter what a patient’s treatment protocol is, there is something every person facing cancer could use, especially during the holidays: comfort. These gifts will keep cancer patients cozy all winter long.
More and more people are discovering weighted blankets and swear by their benefits. Reviewers say this Tranquility weighted blanket provides stress and anxiety relief and improved sleep.
For cancer patients, having nice loungewear to dress in while at home or in treatment is crucial, since comfort is key. Target has a wide variety of affordable loungewear options for men, women and kids.
For more gifts that are perfect for cancer patients, check out Part 1 of our 2019 Hopeful Holiday Gift Guide.
Happy shopping!

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