Cancer Prevention Nutrition
5.14.2018 hopeful

Many people feel like there is nothing they can do to reduce their cancer risk, but in reality, there are easy, practical steps people can take each day.

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14 Foods to Avoid During Cancer Treatment and Recovery
4.23.2018 hopeful

No matter how good a particular food may sound, there are some that should be avoided during cancer treatment and recovery, due to their increased risk of foodborne illness on an already weakened immune system.

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What to Eat During Cancer Treatment
3.06.2018 hopeful

Making healthy choices is always advisable for good health, but for someone undergoing radiation, chemo or other types of therapy, it’s important to tweak your diet to meet special needs. With that in mind, let’s look at sources of nutrition that you need to stay as healthy as possible during treatment.

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Layered Nachos
2.02.2018 hopeful

This high calorie, vegetarian-friendly recipe makes it a good choice for people undergoing cancer treatment who may have a difficulty getting adequate calories. Avocado provides a good source of monounsaturated fat, potassium and vitamins and greek yogurt gives a good boost of protein.

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Make It a Super Holiday – with Superfoods!
12.04.2017 Abe Rosenberg

There's an entire roster of cancer-battling foods with special properties that help your body help itself. Extensive research on these foods has turned up some remarkable findings.

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Prevent Holiday Heartburn
11.28.2017 hopeful

Well, holiday time is coming. And sure, a little overeating at Mom's house is normal, and perhaps, so is the heartburn that follows. But watch out if indigestion turns into a permanent companion.

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