Is There a Coffee-Cancer Connection?
3.20.2019 hopeful

Last week, we sprang forward for daylight savings. Losing that extra hour of sleep has forced many of us to rely on a certain warm, fragrant, comforting and caffeinated beverage to cope. But after many conflicting reports, the question remains, is drinking coffee bad for your health?

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Tips for Navigating Holiday Meals During Chemotherapy
12.20.2018 hopeful

The impact of cancer treatment side effects often seems to intensify during the holidays, when meals become a central part of the celebration. Here are eight tips to help you navigate holiday meals safely and make potential side effects much easier.

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8 Ways to Double Down on Food Safety During the Holidays
12.14.2018 Malcolm Bedell

A typically healthy person’s immune system can handle a minor amount of bacteria which doesn’t result in any problematic symptoms. For a cancer patients, this exposure can lead to serious complications. If your holiday guest list includes a cancer patient, brush up on your home kitchen’s food safety protocols with the following eight tips.

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Holiday Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts
11.13.2018 hopeful

As friends and family gather to celebrate, it’s important to be mindful of food safety practices when cooking your feast. This is especially important if you’re expecting anyone who is immunosuppressed, like cancer patients currently in treatment.

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Dear Hope - Nothing Tastes Good

If you’ve ever gone through chemo, you probably experienced “metal mouth,” the tinny taste that can make a meal inedible. Here is a tip that should help.

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9 Ways to Fight Appetite Loss During Cancer Treatment
6.26.2018 hopeful

Patients who lose their desire to eat face the possibility of additional side effects at a time when the body needs every available physical resource. Here are nine steps to take right now, to fight appetite loss.

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