Holiday Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts
10.10.2017 hopeful

As friends and family gather to celebrate, it’s important to be mindful of food safety practices when cooking your feast.

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Layered Nachos
8.18.2017 hopeful

This high calorie, vegetarian-friendly recipe makes it a good choice for people undergoing cancer treatment who may have a difficulty getting adequate calories. Avocado provides a good source of monounsaturated fat, potassium and vitamins and greek yogurt gives a good boost of protein.

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Fatty Foods and Breast Cancer
8.10.2017 hopeful

Bad habits early in life may cost you later on.

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Your Diet After Cancer Treatment
7.31.2017 hopeful

After cancer treatment, patients are encouraged to eat as healthy as possible in order to lower the chance of recurrence. This means choosing lean proteins and avoiding red meat, prioritizing fruits and vegetables, and maintaining a diet low in sodium and sugar.

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Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients Part 2
7.31.2017 hopeful

Chemotherapy and other cancer treatment side effects can wreak havoc on your appetite and eating habits. This can be dangerous, as it is important that patients maintain their weight during treatment.

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Weight Gain After Cancer
7.25.2017 hopeful

Many women who've battled and beaten breast cancer often wonder why they now find themselves engaged in another, unexpected fight: They gain weight.

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