Holiday Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts
11.01.2017 hopeful

As friends and family gather to celebrate, it’s important to be mindful of food safety practices when cooking your feast.

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Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients Part 1
6.26.2017 hopeful

For treatment to be as effective as possible, patients should try their best to maintain their weight, but this is hard to do when many side effects negatively impact patients’ ability and desire to eat.

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Cancer Urban Legend: BBQ, Sugar and Other Foods Can Increase My Cancer Risk
5.10.2017 Dory Benford

Many popular foods and beverages are believed to contain ingredients, additives and chemicals that can heighten cancer risk. But how much of that supposed risk is real?

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Obesity & Cancer Risk: What’s the Connection?
4.26.2017 hopeful

Some risk factors for cancer are out of your control. But, maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best ways to lower the odds of developing cancer.

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Cancer Urban Legend: Vitamins and Supplements
4.03.2017 hopeful

Here is what you need to know before relying on vitamins and supplements for their cancer-fighting properties.

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Fatty Foods and Breast Cancer
2.06.2017 hopeful

Bad habits early in life may cost you later on.

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