Pancreatic cancer: What you need to know
9.13.2018 hopeful

We don't know what causes pancreatic cancer. But some risk factors are worth noting. If you have relatives with the disease, you may want to seriously consider genetic screening.

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Patient, heal thyself!
9.06.2018 hopeful

In theory, your body's immune system possesses the power to attack cancer cells. The trick is to get your immune cells to target cancer it and not be fooled by cancer's many clever tricks.

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Advice for Newly Diagnosed Patients from Survivors
8.29.2018 Molly Peck

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can unleash many difficult emotions. Getting advice from people who know what you are going through is always helpful, especially if you feel overwhelmed by a change in your life.

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Depression & Anxiety and Cancer
8.27.2018 Kevin Chesley

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating on all fronts. It’s normal to experience depression and anxiety about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis — but it is treatable

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Cancer: 5 Tips to Manage Pain
8.23.2018 hopeful

For many people facing cancer, loss of life isn't their greatest fear. Pain is. But pain need not be accepted as inevitable. The science of pain management has made enormous strides.

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Dear Hope - Ditching Your ID

Those of us who have worn ID bracelets during hospital stays, procedures, outpatient visits know they can feel tight and get in the way when washing hands or applying lotion.

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