The Costs of Cancer: How to Lessen the Financial Impact
1.15.2019 hopeful

There are costs associated with fighting cancer: treatment, time off from work, help with household chores and more. Learn how to plan for the financial impact and get assistance.

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4 New Year’s Resolutions for Cancer Patients During Treatment

Even in the face of cancer treatment, it’s possible to make resolutions that will improve your physical and mental well-being, and provide clarity and optimism about your future. Here are four suggestions for achievable new year’s resolutions that may be beneficial.

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Alive with the Meaning of Belonging

With every year, our cancer community grows. Worldwide, more people are diagnosed and more survive than ever before. Whether we choose quality of life over quantity or endure treatments or wait and watch for when to start interventions, we ask questions.

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Your Exercise Routine During and After Cancer
12.27.2018 hopeful

Exercise is possible during cancer treatment, and can even help to improve your quality of life. Cancer patients and survivors may need to exercise with less intensity and at a slower pace. Here are some tips to keep active.

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Tips for Navigating Holiday Meals During Chemotherapy
12.20.2018 hopeful

The impact of cancer treatment side effects often seems to intensify during the holidays, when meals become a central part of the celebration. Here are eight tips to help you navigate holiday meals safely and make potential side effects much easier.

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Holiday Travel Tips for Cancer Patients
12.06.2018 hopeful

Holiday travel to spend time with distant friends or relatives can be stressful. For cancer patients undergoing treatment, travel can prove even more taxing or worrisome. Extra planning is key, and with our 10 tips, holiday trips can be safer, easier and go much more smoothly.

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