How a Cancer Diagnosis Affects Your Family
5.25.2018 hopeful

The feelings associated with a life-threatening diagnosis and subsequent treatment can have a profound and overwhelming effect on every single person in your life.

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11 Tips for Managing Stress During Cancer Treatment
5.23.2018 hopeful

While common, everyday stress is normal for everyone, the anxiety, depression and stress associated with a cancer diagnosis can be particularly challenging. Here are 11 strategies for managing these emotions.

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Crush Those Chemo Side Effects
5.18.2018 hopeful

So many chemo patients experience some side effects, and you should talk to your doctor about them. However, your best weapon in this fight may actually be your state of mind. Survivors recommend these 6 strategies.

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Combating Cancer-related Fatigue
5.10.2018 Bekah Wright

Unlike normal fatigue that resolves with rest, cancer-related fatigue usually gets worse as treatment goes on. Here are some suggestions on how to manage symptoms.

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Dating with Cancer
5.07.2018 hopeful

Dating is tricky enough in the best of circumstances. Cancer can make it a whole lot more complicated — but what’s life without romance? If you feel ready for it, here are some tips.

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3 Ways to Cope with Cancer-Related Neuropathy
5.03.2018 hopeful

Peripheral neuropathy refers to pain, discomfort, weakness, numbness or tingling caused by nerve damage. Here are a few strategies and options you can discuss with your health care provider to help mitigate the effects of neuropathy.

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