Patient Stories

Cancer: 5 Tips to Manage Pain
12.11.2017 hopeful

For many people facing cancer, loss of life isn't their greatest fear. Pain is. But pain need not be accepted as inevitable. The science of pain management has made enormous strides.

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Easing Anxiety in the Hospital
12.07.2017 hopeful

Whether you spend a few hours, a few days or several months in the hospital, it's perfectly normal for a little anxiety to creep into your head. Take a look at these tips from someone who's gone through it.

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Understanding Preventative Mastectomies
10.18.2017 hopeful

It’s a decision that many women face, especially as doctors are increasingly able to determine a woman’s risk by identifying gene mutations that predispose them to breast cancer.

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What You Should Know About Inherited Breast Cancer
10.18.2017 Abe Rosenberg

When Ming* was first diagnosed with breast cancer on her right side, she knew she'd need surgery. But at her doctor's urging she also took an additional step, scheduling a session with a genetic counselor.

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Give Yourself a Break

When I received my blood cancer diagnosis, I was mommy to a 12-month-old son. I settled my panic-stricken mind and relaxed my tense body using a simple form of breathing. Here’s how it worked.

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Tip #122 - Radiation Playlist
9.18.2017 Ian Macleod

So radiation is upon you. My apologies. You will need a playlist. You will need music that can generate energy while you endure.

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