Rustic Chicken Thighs with 40 Cloves of Garlic
3.19.2018 hopeful

Garlic has proven effectiveness as a cancer-fighter. This easy, one-pot late winter supper is a true show-stopper, with a low effort-to-reward ratio.

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Sweet Potato Chili
3.09.2018 hopeful

This is a high fiber and a vegan/vegetarian friendly recipe. The orange color of the sweet potato is due to the beta-carotene, making it a good source of Vitamin A. Also, there is considerable amount of evidence that cumin has cancer fighting abilities

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Baked Cinnamon and Cardamom Apple Chips
2.27.2018 hopeful

If you’re going to be snacking throughout the day choose a healthy, homemade snack that packs a cancer-fighting punch? Our baked apple chips are boosted with cinnamon and ground cardamom, for a tasty tumor-fighting triple threat.

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Wheat Berries with Wild Mushrooms
2.16.2018 hopeful

Wheat berries are packed with protein, iron, fiber, vitamin E and magnesium, and because the whole kernel remains intact, few nutrients are stripped from it. Add in some tumor-stunting white button mushrooms and this recipe becomes a powerful anti-cancer meal.

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Layered Nachos
2.02.2018 hopeful

This high calorie, vegetarian-friendly recipe makes it a good choice for people undergoing cancer treatment who may have a difficulty getting adequate calories. Avocado provides a good source of monounsaturated fat, potassium and vitamins and greek yogurt gives a good boost of protein.

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Baja Salmon with Mushrooms
1.30.2018 hopeful

This southwestern take on salmon is colorful, flavorful and powerful, featuring a cancer-suppressing mushroom salsa.This tasty dish comes together in just 10 minutes.

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