Whipped Sweet Potatoes With Ginger and Cardamom
1.15.2019 hopeful

Sweet potatoes sometimes get short shrift, especially after the holidays. Once you’ve baked them, mashed them or covered them in cinnamon butter or a sticky layer of marshmallows, what’s left to do with this humble spud?

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Easy Chicken and White Bean Soup
1.10.2019 hopeful

Packed with protein, rotisserie chicken can be used as the basis for an array of meals. To boost the nutritional content of this hearty Italian-inspired soup add some fresh baby spinach to the finished dish.

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Tagliatelle Pasta with Ham
1.02.2019 hopeful

This six-ingredient recipe may seem simple, but it is calorie-dense to help sustain body weight and physical strength. We’ve added onions and garlic, two allium vegetables that contain biocompounds which may help in the fight against certain types of cancer.

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Classic Pecan Pie
12.27.2018 Malcolm Bedell

We are always on the lookout for classic dessert recipes that are suitable for anyone undergoing treatment. According to the National Institutes of Health, a diet that includes pecans and other tree nuts may play an important role in reducing cancer risk.

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Easy Rice Pudding with Cardamom
12.17.2018 hopeful

Finding palatable recipes for patients with cancer related side effects is important in maintaining their strength. Our modern spin on this classic comforting dessert, fight side effects on multiple fronts.

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Sweet Potato Pie Cake Rolls with Cream Cheese Filling
12.04.2018 hopeful

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health recommend cancer patients incorporate sweet potatoes into their diets, and the holidays can represent an ideal time to do just that.

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