Skin Cancer - They're Gaining On Melanoma
6.19.2017 Abe Rosenberg

Breakthroughs in targeted therapy and immunotherapy are giving doctors new tools to knock out this disease... from the inside out!

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Aspirin May Guard Against Breast Cancer
6.13.2017 hopeful

Aspirin may be effective in preventing two of the most common forms of breast cancer.

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The “Liquid” Biopsy: A Better Way To Track Your Cancer?
5.16.2017 Abe Rosenberg

For nearly 150 years the biopsy has been a critical part of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Simply put, to know what they're up against, doctors have had to reach in and physically extract a sample of a patient's tumor and examine it.

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Molecular Profiling May Offer a New Hope for Cancer Patients

Molecular profiling takes the molecular features of a tumor (changes in a protein level, mutations and other alterations in DNA) and links them to potential therapies.

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What Is CAR-T Cell Therapy?
3.10.2017 hopeful

Can you imagine a day when brain tumors – even the most advanced ones – simply disappear, destroyed by the body's own immune system?

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Genetic Testing: Yes or No?
1.25.2017 hopeful

The science of genetics has come a long way. We now know that mutations in certain genes can mean a higher likelihood of getting certain types of cancer...

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