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Mike Stringfield3 Day(s) ago

I am a 7 year survivor of a fight with aml . Having the best doctors ,Faith and loving family got me through.

Klee3 Day(s) ago

I am interested in touching base with a stage 4 Head and Neck Cancer Survivor. Someone who has had their mouth, face, and neck rebuilt. Anyone?

3 Day(s) ago

Cancer took my son four years ago. My rage knows no bounds.

3 Day(s) ago

I found a lump on my breast and have been too afraid to go for a mammogram, every woman in my family has had breast cancer.

Stephanie Newton6 Day(s) ago

I am so scared! I'm 48, and had my first colonoscopy on 6/5/2017, by the 12th, it was cancer, and after my PET 2 weeks later I'm told stage 4!

mags52013 Day(s) ago

I am a four year survivor of breast cancer. I wake up every morning afraid the cancer will come back! I have had three basil cells removed.

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