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Express Your Opinions About Cancer, Loudly & Fearlessly!
Ali514 Day(s) ago

I am so tired of hearing that it will be ok. How can anyone say this to a cancer patient or a cancer survivor? How is it ever going to be ok?

Rdmyrick18 Day(s) ago

I'm a 3 time cancer survivor, currently in remission from colon cancer. My husband in dialysis. Need financial help. Cant drive no insurance, lights o

20 Day(s) ago

Learning to live with cancer is quite the feat. I am not sure that ANYONE other than another cancer patient can begin to understand this journey.

JennieB20 Day(s) ago

Thank you City of Hope and Kaiser for helping to save my life from leukemia with the Stem Cell Transplant. Gratefully alive survivor

23 Day(s) ago

some friends do not understand level of stress that is with this disease or how out of control one can feel!

24 Day(s) ago

Looking for help to relieve cancer related fatigue

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