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Patricia Franklin1 Month(s) ago

I have been living with MM for 9 years I had breast cancer two years after MM I live with severe painful neuropathy bone pain and tiredness

Patricia Franklin4 Month(s) ago

How tired am I supposed to get 9 years after treatment. Still no relapse. So tired all the time

6 Month(s) ago

Just close in back of a for Christmas Michael my

7 Month(s) ago

Was diagnosed with Melanoma, was 5cm, now am 1/2cm, am so pleased my Lymph node has decreased. It's a blessing an a thrilling feeling.....

Virgieone28087 Month(s) ago

3x cancer survivor. I am 74 years old breast cancer survivor. First right Brest mastectomy then 19 years later left Brest mastectomy . now 11 lymph .

drjuice8 Month(s) ago

The same dumb stuff my friends suggested b4 cancer worked for me to keep busy.

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