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drjuice11 Day(s) ago

The same dumb stuff my friends suggested b4 cancer worked for me to keep busy.

John dyke1 Month(s) ago

What is corbisin

2 Month(s) ago

Recent diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Do not like the idea of chemo prior to and after hysterectomy, any thought? I am 63, healthy and have had no sympt

Robin2 Month(s) ago

eating meats any meats is 100% unhealthy!! I'm NOT a vegan at all!!I'm all about plant base diet!! Watch documentary WHAT THE HEALTH!! Poisionsin ourm

3 Month(s) ago

What can you eat after a mastectamy

DIANACIA164 Month(s) ago

Lobectomy times 2, with stage 1A squamous cell, Pulmonary embolism to coumadin therapy. 3 years and hopeful just so tired

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