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Express Your Opinions About Cancer, Loudly & Fearlessly!
4 Day(s) ago

sign is BS. Wouldn't take 1st time, 2nd time says already signed up!!!

FrankieLynne4 Day(s) ago

Anyone have or know someone who has gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor cancer

22 Day(s) ago

I F'n HATE cancer. It was the demon that haunted us for 16 years and then stole the best person from this world. We miss you Tinman!

Sharon23 Day(s) ago

I'd like some healthy recipes. Where can i find them ?

Carla1 Month(s) ago

I have lung cancer so I’m trying to learn how and what to eat

4 Month(s) ago

Four weeks ago had a total laryngectomy and will begin radiation in a few more weeks. It's been a shock and I'm doing my best to be brave and positiv

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