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25 Day(s) ago

Recent diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Do not like the idea of chemo prior to and after hysterectomy, any thought? I am 63, healthy and have had no sympt

Robin26 Day(s) ago

eating meats any meats is 100% unhealthy!! I'm NOT a vegan at all!!I'm all about plant base diet!! Watch documentary WHAT THE HEALTH!! Poisionsin ourm

1 Month(s) ago

What can you eat after a mastectamy

DIANACIA162 Month(s) ago

Lobectomy times 2, with stage 1A squamous cell, Pulmonary embolism to coumadin therapy. 3 years and hopeful just so tired

Christicurry2 Month(s) ago

My sister has colon cancer that has gone to her liver. I’m new to this site. How does it work

Ali52 Month(s) ago

I am so tired of hearing that it will be ok. How can anyone say this to a cancer patient or a cancer survivor? How is it ever going to be ok?

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