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2 Month(s) ago

Four weeks ago had a total laryngectomy and will begin radiation in a few more weeks. It's been a shock and I'm doing my best to be brave and positiv

5 Month(s) ago

just found out i had colin cancer not sure what i'm going to do

SUSANB8 Month(s) ago

Just diagnosed with invasive lobular carsinoma. Will find out this week what surgery. I basically told the surgeon no chemo. Im petrified and depressed

8 Month(s) ago

Just diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm trying to be positive but actually I'm so scared

Beatriz Fuentes8 Month(s) ago

I would like to thank the wonderful Doctors, Nurses, Staff at City of Hope for their dedication to my nephew Miguel Hernandez. May he RIP

9 Month(s) ago

What are the signs of breast & brain cancer

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