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5 Day(s) ago

If cancer can't win if we fight together how come so many people are dying and there is many treatments for certain typyes of cancer

7 Day(s) ago

Do you take aetna And heritage medical group?

7 Day(s) ago

Is there anyone out there around 65 that is suffering from post treatments from chemo and hormone blockers? I stopped the hormone after the 5 years.

JJones11 Day(s) ago

Gone thru Tonsil Cancer Stage 3- Kidney Cancer- Neck Cancer- Skin Cancer Now Possible Colon Cacer Currently Going Thru PSTD

Bonnie Gail14 Day(s) ago

I would like to connect with others that are stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Tina24 Day(s) ago

I'm not sure of my thoughts they are kinda blank.anyone else ever feel this way? Breast cancer had Mastectomy on jan31,2018

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