Dear Hope: Cancer Trick and Treatments

Dear Hope: How did you deal with hair loss... Cancer treatments can make relating with others tricky. We often lose our hair, which signals to the world that we have cancer. Unless bald was already your look

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“Your cancer's gone. Now, about your heart ...”
9.25.2018 hopeful

When you're treated for breast cancer — especially if you're getting chemotherapy — you probably expect to endure a variety of side effects like hair loss, extreme fatigue, nausea... But heart trouble?

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Back to School after Cancer
9.12.2018 Abe Rosenberg

Even the most resilient student can run into unforeseen problems ranging from “chemo brain”, to the inability to reconnect with their old friends. With planning, just about any potential challenge can be anticipated and handled.

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Dear Hope - Ditching Your ID

Those of us who have worn ID bracelets during hospital stays, procedures, outpatient visits know they can feel tight and get in the way when washing hands or applying lotion.

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6 Things to Consider When Returning to Work After Cancer
8.13.2018 hopeful

When you are ready and comfortable to return, here are six things to consider to help the transition go more smoothly.

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7 Tips for Returning to “Normal Life” After Cancer Treatment
7.26.2018 hopeful

Cancer treatment can sometimes feel all-consuming or sometimes overwhelming, but what happens when treatment ends, and you’ve received the “all-clear” from your doctor?

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