5 Unexpected Emotions You May Experience After Cancer Treatment
7.12.2018 hopeful

For many people, the end of cancer treatment can bring unexpected feelings of fear or depression that can come out of nowhere, and may make resuming your regular activities seem difficult.

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Improving Your Quality of Life Through Cancer Volunteering or Advocacy
5.29.2018 hopeful

As a cancer survivor, or someone who has cared for someone with cancer, your firsthand experience is unique and invaluable to those coping with the disease for the first time.

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10 Tips to Help you Sleep
5.21.2018 hopeful

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep is common among cancer survivors. Suffering from insomnia? These expert tips will help you sleep.

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Meditation and Cancer
4.05.2018 hopeful

Research has concluded a mere five minutes of daily meditation can be impactful. Though meditation isn’t a replacement for medical care, studies suggest it’s beneficial for managing the side effects of cancer. Here are 4 tips to get you into a state of Zen.

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Your Exercise Routine During and After Cancer
3.21.2018 hopeful

Exercise is possible during cancer treatment, and can even help to improve your quality of life. Cancer patients and survivors may need to exercise with less intensity and at a slower pace. Here are some tips to keep active.

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You Beat Cancer. So Why Do You Feel So Lousy?
3.02.2018 hopeful

We're getting better and better at fighting the physical aspects of cancer. There are an estimated 15 million cancer survivors in the U.S., and the number keeps going up.

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