Survivor Tips

Postcancer Body Approved Activities
6.16.2017 Nicole Schulz

After two bone marrow transplants, my life is a lot different. My body definitely isn’t what it used to be. So I am learning to embrace new activities. Activities that my body can actually handle.

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Tip #089 - The Worth of One Soul
6.09.2017 Ian Macleod

After diagnosis, treatment and recovery, hospital bills can become very discouraging. You will try not to get the mail, but what else can you do around the house?

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Tip #32 - The Last Meal
5.31.2017 Ian Macleod

Stop! I'm not referring to THE last meal! What I am referring to is the last meal before you are admitted into the hospital.

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Tip #047 - Always Wear a Mask
5.11.2017 Ian Macleod

The moment you are admitted, the mask becomes your companion. It's what keeps you alive.

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Tip #21 - Waiting
5.02.2017 Ian Macleod

Oh, the waiting. Nothing can prepare you for the amount of waiting you have to do when you get cancer. Waiting is part of the process. The more you fight it, the more you want to throw something.

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Tip #122 - Radiation Playlist
4.20.2017 Ian Macleod

So radiation is upon you. My apologies. You will need a playlist. You will need music that can generate energy while you endure.

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