Survivor Tips

Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer Treatment
2.01.2018 hopeful

Treatment for prostate cancer may come with side effects. One of those is erectile dysfunction. Here is how to handle it.

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When Cancer Strikes Early In Life
1.19.2018 Abe Rosenberg

While prostate cancer strikes over 200,000 American men every year, most are over the age of 50. At 39, Javier was the youngest person in Los Angeles County to ever be stricken with the disease. Read his story.

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Breast Cancer Post Treatment Tips
1.16.2018 Tamar Raucher

The trauma of that first diagnosis, followed by the physical challenges of treatment, be it surgery, radiation, chemo or all of the above, all pack a powerful emotional punch. Here are a few tips to help.

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Post-Cancer Self-Care: The Pricelessness of Planning
11.07.2017 Bekah Wright

It was a plan that led from diagnosis to treatment to renewed health. It is important to have a post cancer plan that will keep you healthy now.

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When Cancer Returns
9.20.2017 hopeful

For many people who've endured extensive treatment and thought they beat cancer, finding out that the disease has returned can be a crushing blow. How do you handle it?

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Tip #122 - Radiation Playlist
9.18.2017 Ian Macleod

So radiation is upon you. My apologies. You will need a playlist. You will need music that can generate energy while you endure.

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