Alive with the Meaning of Belonging

With every year, our cancer community grows. Worldwide, more people are diagnosed and more survive than ever before. Whether we choose quality of life over quantity or endure treatments or wait and watch for when to start interventions, we ask questions.

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Your Exercise Routine During and After Cancer
12.27.2018 hopeful

Exercise is possible during cancer treatment, and can even help to improve your quality of life. Cancer patients and survivors may need to exercise with less intensity and at a slower pace. Here are some tips to keep active.

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Caregivers
12.04.2018 hopeful

This year, remind the caregiver of the role they play in your life with a thoughtful present that encourages them, supports them, buoys their spirit and shows just how loved and appreciated they are. Try one of our 10 holiday gift ideas.

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7 Ways to Combat Depression During the Holidays
11.29.2018 hopeful

The holidays can wreak havoc on your emotions, causing depression, anxiety and stress. These feelings are completely normal but the holiday cheer can feel out of step with what you’re going through as a patient or survivor. These seven pointers should help minimize those feelings.

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Dear Hope: Cancer Trick and Treatments

Dear Hope: How did you deal with hair loss... Cancer treatments can make relating with others tricky. We often lose our hair, which signals to the world that we have cancer. Unless bald was already your look

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“Your cancer's gone. Now, about your heart ...”
9.25.2018 hopeful

When you're treated for breast cancer — especially if you're getting chemotherapy — you probably expect to endure a variety of side effects like hair loss, extreme fatigue, nausea... But heart trouble?

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