Survivor Tips

Life after Cancer: Boosting Your Body Image
8.07.2017 hopeful

Cancer treatment causes changes in your body, and while some effects are short-term, others are permanent. Acknowledging these changes are part of the recovery process.

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After Cancer: A Survival Guide
8.02.2017 hopeful

You did it. You beat cancer! You handled the shock of the initial diagnosis, educated yourself about every aspect of your disease, soldiered through all the treatments, endured all the side effects, and came out cancer-free on the other side.

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Tip #111 - Skinny Jeans
7.21.2017 Ian Macleod

When you are diagnosed with leukemia, by the time you’ve wrapped up chemo, radiation and a bone marrow transplant four months later, you might be magically ready for skinny jeans.

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Crush Those Chemo Side Effects
7.05.2017 hopeful

So many chemo patients experience some side effects, and you should talk to your doctor about them. However, your best weapon in this fight may actually be your state of mind. Survivors recommend these 6 strategies.

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Postcancer Body Approved Activities
6.16.2017 Nicole Schulz

After two bone marrow transplants, my life is a lot different. My body definitely isn’t what it used to be. So I am learning to embrace new activities. Activities that my body can actually handle.

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Tip #089 - The Worth of One Soul
6.09.2017 Ian Macleod

After diagnosis, treatment and recovery, hospital bills can become very discouraging. You will try not to get the mail, but what else can you do around the house?

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